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November 2017
Download our presentation of the main changes to the Fiscal Code starting 01.01.2018
August 2017
Download our brochure “Romania - Business Review 2017” with all the changes and updates on taxes in Romania 2017.
January 2017
As we already informed you, following the new Government installation, the first changes to the Romanian Fiscal Code were introduced by the Emergency Ordinance No. 3 from 06.01.2017. They mainly refer... (More...)
January 2017
Main Changes to the Fiscal Code starting with 1st of January 2017
November 2015
Download the PDF file to find out which are the main changes in the Romania's New Fiscal Code in force starting with 1st of January 2016.
April 2015
Law No 70/2015 regarding cash payments and receipts has been published within the Official Gazette Part I, No 242 from April 9, 2015, The law enters into force as from May 9, 2015 and shall apply to ... (More...)
February 2015
Starting with 2015, changes were made to the Fiscal Code in the following chapters: VAT, income tax, constructions tax, daily allowance and excise duties.
September 2014
The Law no. 123/2014 regarding the amendment of the Fiscal Code has been published into the Official Gazette no. 687/19.09.2014. ... (More...)
April 2014
A long-awaited measure stimulating the economy – the tax exemption on the reinvested profit – was introduced by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 19/2014  amending the Law no. 571/2003 regar... (More...)
January 2014
Important changes amending the Romanian Fiscal Code with impact on almost every company were introduced by the Government Emergency Ordinances no. 102/2013 and no. 111/2013 in force starting with 1st ... (More...)
July 2013
Download our brochure “Romania - Business Review 2013” with all the changes and updates on taxes in Romania 2013.
June 2013
Law 168/2013 approving the Government Ordinance no. 8/2013 amending the Fiscal Code brought significant changes, out of which the most important are: Please download the PDF file
April 2013
On April 2, 2013 within the Official Gazette was published the Law 72/2013 which transposes the Directive no. 7/2011/EU of the European Parliament and the Council from February 16 and which will come ... (More...)
January 2013
Starting January 2013, regardless the date when the VAT deduction or collection occurs, whether or not the issuer of the invoice applies to the system of VAT cashing, persons registered for VAT purpos... (More...)
January 2013
Resident or nonresident individuals operating in Romania and gaining salary incomes from foreign employers that are located in states outside European Union with which there are no social security agr... (More...)
January 2013
To see significant changes that were made to the Fiscal Code on 23 January 2013 valid from 1 February 2013, please download  the attached pdf (click the pdf icon).
January 2013
Registration Procedure for Fiduciary Contracts. Taxpayers having a fiduciary capacity according to art. 780 of Law no. 287/2009 of the Civil Code are required to register the fiduciary contracts ... (More...)
January 2013
Order 1940/2012 regarding the Intrastat thresholds for the collection of statistical information regarding the intra-Community trade of goods in 2013 was published in Official Gazette 9/2013: ... (More...)
December 2012
NAFA Order  no. 1913/2012 amending NAFAPO no. 52/2012 for approving the format and content of the forms provided under Title III of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code regulates the instructio... (More...)
December 2012
The following regulations stipulated by the Tax Code are applicable to commercial companies, other than banks, in terms of the tax on profit for the year 2012: ... (More...)
December 2012
Starting the fiscal year 2013, commercial companies, other than banks, have the right, but not the obligation, to opt for the anticipated installments payments for the tax on profit. The following ... (More...)
November 2012
The tax on transport vehicle is calculated upon its cylinder capacity, by multiplying each group of 200 cm3 or fraction of this with the amount presented within the table below: ... (More...)
November 2012
Stages of the Budget Debts Payment Schedule:   ... (More...)
November 2012
The Government Emergency Ordinance no. 68/14.11.2012 amending and supplementing certain laws and regulations of  fiscal measures states that  The authorized warehouse keepers that had valid license ... (More...)
October 2012
The Official Gazette No. 707/16.10.2012 has published the Order 1529/10.10.2012 approving the model and content of Form 097, Notification of the application / termination of the VAT system upon receip... (More...)
October 2012
The Official Gazette No. 688 / 5.10.2012 has published the Order No. 1436/28.09.2012 approving the procedure of registering for value added tax purposes in compliance with Art.153 par 9 (b) – (d) of... (More...)
October 2012
Order no.1400/2012 enforces new provisions on the registration procedure for the contracts concluded with non-residents. Who must proceed with the new registration process: ... (More...)