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People and Values

Our people are distinguished professionals who deliver distinctive solutions designed to meet and overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The enduring values with which KCG was established are quality, client service, teamwork, integrity and the drive for excellence. Our people truly become a valuable extension of our clients’ teams.

Our professionals work as teams to deliver service and develop one another. This collaboration contributes to the quality of the service we offer and our high client satisfaction.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals with sound knowledge and background in the local accounting, local and international tax and fiscal consulting, audit, being members and trainees of CECCAR, CAFR and ACCA, authorized fiscal consultants, members of the Fiscal Consultants Chamber and members of other national professional bodies.

Firm partners are working team leaders who combine people and resources for truly responsive service. Our partners and managers are all trained and hold leadership positions in top worldwide professional associations and the Big 4 companies.

Collectively, we combine formal education with real world experience to provide practical solutions for our clients that go well beyond those of most accounting firms.